If you're in the middle of building a website, setting up social accounts and growing audiences, I'm glad I caught you

Because you really need to consider a few things

  • Without as much automation as possible, you'll spend hours on daily marketing

    The top complaint of solopreneurs is how much time they spend on marketing - but you don't have to be another victim of constantly feeding your platforms. It's easy to funnel new leads right into a system that will turn them into customers.

  • Slow sales will convince you to spend more than you signed up for

    When sales are a trickle, it's easy to cave to fast marketing fixes like paid ads, boosting posts and expensive software. Our startup system is extremely affordable and will save you from the knee-jerk spending.

  • What will you do with your leads?

    New entrepreneurs can get so focused on attracting leads they neglect to prepare for the follow-up that will sell those leads, turn them into referrers and keep your business moving upward. That's why we automate lead generation, selling AND referrals in this course.

The B.A.S.E. Method

Together, we'll Build, Attract, Synchronize and Evaluate

  • Build

    We'll start from scratch - or pick up where you're already at - to build a top-to-bottom automated marketing system that includes a website, analytics, lead generation and email.

  • Attract

    Your startup system will include set-it-and-forget-it ways to bring in leads, PLUS easy, no-brainer ways to accelerate lead attraction as soon as you're ready.

  • Synchronize

    Set a time-saving, repeatable rhythm for managing your system and minimal marketing commitments so you know exactly what to do, when, and feel in total control.

  • Evaluate

    Marketing is in large part studying and learning from results. We'll establish our own accountability and growth opportunities with regular evaluation - a habit that's good for every part of a healthy business.

A $6200 value at a fraction of the price

When you join Savvy Startup Marketer, you get lifetime access to the type of marketing support an agency would charge $$$$+ for. As an SSM or PYM student, you enter a community of professionals who take business success seriously - and we want to make sure you feel completely taken care of in every step of building your business marketing. From direct access to Coach Lindsey to exclusive small group Zoom trainings to enormously helpful live checks of your system, you're getting a lot more than some talking head videos.

  • A full suite of video lessons covering everything from system building to lead generation to customer retention to minimalist marketing that works ($3,000 value)

  • Brand messaging live training ($300 value)

  • Access to student discussion forums where you can share thoughts, ideas, feedback and ask questions about the material. ($300 value)

  • No expiration! This means you can jump back into the lessons for review, share with a team member or get access to updates or new lessons added at no additional cost.

  • $100 off our Plan Your Marketing Course Suite

  • Personalized coaching access ($500 value)

  • Live System Checks ($500 value)

  • Access to our private Facebook group for free training and a whole community of entrepreneurs cheering one another on. ($600 value)

  • Ways to earn $$$ cash BACK upon completion

Step into a holistic, endlessly helpful student experience

We like to give our enrolled students the red carpet treatment with endless bonuses, inclusions and opportunities - a list that's growing all the time!

  • STACKS of downloadable resources

    Stock up on fillable, reusable pdf downloads such as the marketing budgeting worksheet, the content calendar "calendsheet", the email topics brainstorm and the platform pros and cons comparison.

  • Weekly group training (a $600 value)

    Join the Facebook group where you can get weekly marketing training by Coach Lindsey, plus binge previous live trainings covering topics from market research to copywriting to budgeting to staying organized.

  • FREE Access to our email marketing course

    Our SSM system relies a lot on email so we figured, why the heck not throw in the $149 email marketing course for FREE with your enrollment. Seems legit.

SSM is for YOU if...

  • You love the idea of minimalist marketing

    You're just not one of those people who loves creating content for marketing platforms hours every week. You're willing to do just enough to keep leads coming in but prefer to use your time for other priorities.

  • You want someone to tell you exactly what to do

    The advice out there is great and all, but you don't have time to figure out what applies and then figure out how to actually make it work. The DREAM is someone telling you EXACTLY how to do your startup marketing.

  • You love a straightforward, "no frills" approach

    You don't care about being on every marketing platform, you care more about efficiency and effectiveness. You operate well with a "let's keep it simple, clean and straightforward" business and sales mindset.

Stop thinking, start doing

With a program that gives you everything you need to launch, sell and grow

Don't spend one more day wondering what to do next, tinkering with platforms or putting off that launch. Follow the Savvy Startup Marketer course, get all the support you could possibly need for the first years of business and be amazed at how far you can get in just a few weeks!

We've been there

You're the only one building your business with very limited time and money at your disposal. The marketing advice is confusing, the decisions are overwhelming and you just want someone to tell you exactly what to do - with the resources you already have.

If you're even a little bit interested - you should watch this

(Stick around for the crazy surprise bonus at the end)

Can I be your marketing coach?

Hi, I'm Lindsey! In 2019, I launched a boutique marketing agency doing marketing for small business owners because I love working with first-time entrepreneurs and seeing their young businesses grow. Before that, I held down a corporate marketing leadership role and before that I was a copywriter and before that I was a journalist/blogger and before that... Well now you know I'm no spring chicken in my marketing career 😂 My dream role, however, is to coach small businesses owners as they do their own marketing. I love leading. I love developing potential in others. I love being realistic and practical about those lean, scrappy build-a-business days - this is where I'm different than many of the marketing gurus. I'm going to tell you what to stop doing as much as I tell you what you should be doing. Because nobody building a business has time or money or brain power to waste. So if you're tired of the gurus who don't "get" your situation. Frustrated by the intense demand of popular marketing methods. Discouraged by hearing TOO much do-this, do-that by people who no longer seem to remember that building phase of their business, well...
Welcome to your new safe space, friend. This house is for the side-hustlers, business launchers and solopreneurs just trying to reach your own, very personal business goals with a lot of those early days limitations. As a student here, you'll become part of an active community of business owners similar to you, all doing smarter, not harder, sales marketing. We learn together, support each other, figure things out together and grow together. We'd love to have you, too!

Common Sense Approach

- Cindy

After working several years with Lindsey, I can say her common sense approach to the the buyer's journey along with her tenacity to stay educated on an ever-changing industry makes her a star in the field of marketing.

Full of knowledge

- Crystal

I had a consultation with Lindsey about digital marketing and I took five pages of notes. She was full of knowledge, I'm amazed at how much information she was able to give me in such a short time.

I grew as a business owner

- Kendra

Lindsey is just amazing at what she does! I could not thank her enough for all of her help. She has helped me grow as a business owner by helping me be consistent with my brand and helping me find more successful ways of getting my message across to all my clients.

You can keep trying to crack the code on stress-free, smart, manageable marketing with no professional help, accountability or inspiration

Or you could get clear on exactly what to do with our program designed specifically for ambitious startup businesses and solopreneurs