Does this sound like you?

  • Marketing demands way too much of your time

    Do you spend way too much time on marketing but feel like it's the only way to get leads and sales?

  • You keep spending money you don't have on marketing

    Are you spending way too much of your business budget on marketing platforms and paid ads but question if it's worth it?

  • You constantly question your marketing decisions

    Does your marketing feel directionless and like a constant guessing game?

Doubt, confusion, frustration, middle-of-the-night second-guessing.

The best cure is a clear plan.

Have you ever noticed how quickly your doubts and confusion decrease when you have a plan? Whether it's hitting business goals, meal planning or training for a marathon, the plan is where the pieces come together. Once you have the plan, THEN you can get past feeling disoriented and confidently envision success, because your plan helps you know exactly what to do. The same is true for marketing. A marketing plan will completely change your confidence and outlook about how to bring in leads that turn into sales that turn into business success.
  • Smart

    In the early days of our business, we don't need to be impressive, we need to be smart. Plan Your Marketing is all about what makes the most sense for you, at the phase you're in.

  • Practical

    You're on a budget and can't spend all your time creating content. We'll plan for practical, realistic marketing that DOES work. It's what we're good at.

  • Repeatable

    Once going through the course, you'll have a step-by-step rhythm (and resources) that can be put on repeat and will save you loads of time and brain power.

What you'll love about being a student of PYM

Your enrollment comes with a lot more than just course access. For the price of a course, you're getting unbeatable access to professional coaching and a community of entrepreneurs on a journey just like you.

  • A full suite of self-guided video lessons ($750 value)

  • Access to personalized coaching ($500 value)

  • Get our fillable, reusable 3-month planner for FREE ($39 value)

  • Get free marketing training covering all DIY marketing topics in the private Facebook group ($600 value)

  • Fillable worksheets, cheatsheets and our coveted content planning calendar ($75 value)

  • BONUS: Enrollment in the Plan Your Results course ($39 value)

  • BONUS: Enrollment into the Plan Your Content course ($59 value)

  • Earn $20 off other paid courses with your course completion

  • Access is UNLIMITED so you can take your time or repeat lessons as often as needed. OR train yourself and then train a new team member.

But wait, there's MORE

We like to treat our enrolled students like VIPs with endless bonuses, inclusions and opportunities - a list that's growing all the time!

  • Fillable guides & checklists

    Each course has its own fillable, reusable pdf downloads such as the marketing budgeting worksheet, the content calendar "calendsheet", the email topics brainstorm and the platform pros and cons comparison.

  • Weekly group training (a $600 value)

    Join the Facebook group where you can get weekly marketing training by Coach Lindsey, plus binge previous live trainings covering topics from market research to copywriting to budgeting to staying organized.

  • Exclusive discounts

    Only enrolled students get access to the biggest discounts on future courses, group coaching and resources. Students who complete each course get an immediate discount code good on any future course purchase.

Put lead generation on autopilot

You've tried spending 20 hours a week posting on social media. You hate the idea of blogging. You're terrible at making videos. So how do you get new leads? By following a plan customized to what works for you.

Can I be your marketing coach?

Hi, I'm Lindsey! In 2019, I launched a boutique marketing agency doing marketing for small business owners because I love working with first-time entrepreneurs and seeing their young businesses grow. Before that, I held down a corporate marketing leadership role and before that I was a copywriter and before that I was a journalist/blogger and before that... Well now you know I'm no spring chicken in my marketing career 😂 My dream role, however, is to coach small businesses owners as they do their own marketing. I love leading. I love developing potential in others. I love being realistic and practical about those lean, scrappy build-a-business days - this is where I'm different than many of the marketing gurus. I'm going to tell you what to stop doing as much as I tell you what you should be doing. Because nobody building a business has time or money or brain power to waste. So if you're tired of the gurus who don't "get" your situation. Frustrated by the intense demand of popular marketing methods. Discouraged by hearing TOO much do-this, do-that by people who no longer seem to remember that building phase of their business, well...
Welcome to your new safe space, friend. This Plan Your Marketing house is for the side-hustlers, early business launchers and solopreneurs just trying to reach your own, very personal business goals with a lot of those early days limitations. As a student here, you'll become part of an active community of business owners similar to you, all taking ownership of simple, strategic marketing through smart, focused planning. We learn together, support each other, figure things out together and grow together. We'd love to have you, too!

Go ahead, ask it.

  • Will this course help me with more than just a marketing plan?

    YES! As you follow Lindsey's professional planning method, you'll also get tons of small business marketing advice, best practice tips, business growth tips and exact instructions on how to apply your plan month to month. This is a comprehensive course on small business marketing.

  • What if I need help applying my marketing plan?

    Here's a MAJOR benefit of being a Plan Your Marketing student - you get access to both the discussion forum within your course AND the private Facebook group for ongoing marketing support - no question is off limits!

  • What if I get into the course and it's just not for me?

    We will reimburse within 14 days of course purchase - no questions asked.

  • What if I start the course but get too busy to finish?

    No problem. There is NO expiration date on this course, so if you get pulled away for a while, you can jump right back in anytime.

  • What happens once I enroll?

    You'll get a couple of welcome emails from your coach which include your login information, contact info incase you need any tech support, a few need-to-knows and link to join the private Facebook group. Once you login, the course is easy to follow.

  • How quickly will I get results after taking this course?

    You should have a vastly improved marketing plan and clarity about your marketing immediately. Time savings and financial savings will happen as soon as you start following the planning method taught in this course. The marketing results will depend on your planning decisions, but usually a strong marketing plan yields results within 3-6 months. So yes, you really should start now if you want those improved marketing results as soon as possible.

You could continue being frustrated by your marketing...

Or you could get clear on exactly what to do with a rinse & repeat strategy that SAVES your sanity

100% Money Back Guarantee

Coach Lindsey's risk-free promise

Let's real talk, entrepreneur to entrepreneur. I know you're counting on your course enrollment to bring your business more money, after all, that's the whole point, right? While I believe I'm offering proven expertise that absolutely will translate to less marketing headache and more sales, I also never want a new student to regret their purchase. So if you're not confident the course is for you within the first 14 days after enrollment, you can get your money back - no questions asked (okay, there may be a short survey asking your reason so we can get that feedback - but it's totally optional). Simply email my team within the first 14 days at the address we use to communicate all course info to you and we'll provide a full refund.