Does this sound like you?

  • You aren't even sure where to start with marketing

    There are so many options, but which ones are right for your business? You need help deciding.

  • You're tempted to spend money you don't have on marketing

    It's so tempting to throw money at platforms or paid ads, but most new entrepreneurs end up disappointed when they don't bring in sales.

  • You constantly question your marketing decisions

    Your marketing feels directionless and like a constant guessing game.

This isn't just about marketing, this is about making money, friend

When you figure out your marketing, you're figuring out how to get SALES

There are loads of ways to do marketing. But not all marketing leads to actual sales. In Marketing Essentials, you'll get a taste of how Lindsey coaches every course student into profitable SALES-centered marketing. This is a great place to start - your journey to hitting those sales goals has just begun.

What you get by being a Marketing Essentials student

Enroll for free, easily complete this 30 minute course and get access to amazing bonuses.

  • Practical, instantly-applicable video lessons for any phase of business ($400 value)

  • Get our fillable, reusable Marketing Essentials Toolkit FREE ($39 value)

  • Get on-demand coaching through the student community and discussion forum ($300 value)

  • Get access to a library of marketing trainings in the private Facebook group ($250 value)

  • Earn $25 off other paid courses with your course completion

Wait, there's more!

Marketing Essentials includes these exciting features too

  • Marketing Essentials Toolkit

    The marketing starter toolkit with essentials checklist may be the most valuable part of the course! Download, fill out, renew as needed. Add this to your business plan and you'll be all set for the early years of business growth.

  • Talk to your coach

    Use the discussion forum to ask questions, share ideas and learn from other students. All Plan Your Marketing courses have open discussion for back and forth dialogue.

  • Mock Business Examples

    In this course you'll meet two small business owners and observe their marketing decisions. Mock business examples are one of the highlights of all Plan Your Marketing courses. A fan favorite, for sure!

  • Smart

    Marketing Essentials teaches mindset as much as application so you learn how to think like a successful sales marketer.

  • Practical

    In the early days of our business, we don't need to be impressive, we need to be smart. Marketing Essentials is all about what makes the most sense.

  • Timeless

    Marketing Essentials teaches sales techniques that are proven to work in every economy, industry and era.

Who's enrolled in Marketing Essentials?

Since 2022, Marketing Essentials has served new and experienced business owners in a range of industries. Here are just a few represented by our more than 350 students.

  • Beauty professionals

  • Clothing Boutique Retailers

  • Digital content creators

  • Interior Designers

  • Real estate agents

  • Garden and landscaping consultants

  • Travel agents

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What students are saying

5 star rating

Very Good Starter Course

Inara Michele

This is a very good marketing overview course, definitely worth the small amount I paid (under $15 at the time of purchase.) I could see the author cares an...

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This is a very good marketing overview course, definitely worth the small amount I paid (under $15 at the time of purchase.) I could see the author cares and although I have not tried the rest of her courses, based on my experience with this course, I think they would be of value.

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3 star rating

Sufficient if you have 0 idea where to begin

Megan Owen

This course will help the complete business novice understand the mental framework necessary to start marketing. There are downloadable worksheets for brains...

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This course will help the complete business novice understand the mental framework necessary to start marketing. There are downloadable worksheets for brainstorming activities which are quite helpful for beginners to organize their thoughts and those downloads are extremely user friendly and intuitive to use. If you are looking for the “how” or “why” or anything with depth on how to actually execute your marketing plan, this course is not for you.

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Can I be your marketing coach?

Hi, I'm Lindsey! In 2019, I launched a boutique marketing agency doing marketing for small business owners because I love working with first-time entrepreneurs and seeing their young businesses grow. Before that, I held down a corporate marketing leadership role and before that I was a copywriter and before that I was a journalist/blogger and before that... Well now you know I'm no spring chicken in my marketing career 😂 My dream role, however, is to coach small businesses owners as they do their own marketing. I love leading. I love developing potential in others. I love being realistic and practical about those lean, scrappy build-a-business days - this is where I'm different than many of the marketing gurus. I'm going to tell you what to stop doing as much as I tell you what you should be doing. Because nobody building a business has time or money or brain power to waste. So if you're tired of the gurus who don't "get" your situation. Frustrated by the intense demand of popular marketing methods. Discouraged by hearing TOO much do-this, do-that by people who no longer seem to remember that building phase of their business, well...
Welcome to your new safe space, friend. This coaching house is for the side-hustlers, early business launchers and solopreneurs just trying to reach your own, very personal business goals with a lot of those early days limitations. As a student here, you'll become part of an active community of business owners similar to you, all taking ownership of simple, strategic marketing through smart, focused planning. We learn together, support each other, figure things out together and grow together. We'd love to have you, too!

What's in this course

    1. Hello from Lindsey

    2. Download your Marketing Essentials Toolkit

    3. Getting to know you

    1. Get after those goals

    2. Time is money and money is time

    1. Marketing Mindset

    1. Create your Customer's Journey

    2. Quick Review - Customer Journey

    1. Crush the essentials checklist

    1. But wait, there's more

About this course

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  • 12 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content